Zoonotic - Summary and Key Ideas

The book "Zoonotic" uses the metaphor of a zoonotic virus to describe successful viral business strategies, focusing on how companies can combine two existing successful strategies to create something new and powerful, and how this new strategy can spread and grow exponentially, much like a virus. It also provides insights on how to identify and respond to such strategies in the business world.

The target audience for the book "Zoonotic" appears to be entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders of both large international companies and small independent businesses, as well as NGOs, who are interested in developing successful viral business strategies.

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Key ideas


The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired the concept of "Zoonotic" strategies in business, which involve merging ideas and innovations for viral growth and market domination.

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A zoonotic business strategy combines existing elements to create innovative products, which initially develop stealthily, then spread globally and rapidly.

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Identifying and combining two unique, complementary advantages in your business can lead to the creation of a disruptive product or service, enabling swift, exponential global growth.

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Zoonotic leaders, characterized by their innovative thinking, resilience, and purpose-driven approach, are essential for businesses to navigate today's complex and uncertain world.

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Building a successful team for tackling zoonotic viral business strategies requires diversity, open-mindedness, empowerment of younger members, a collaborative culture, and clear communication.

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Crafting an effective influencer strategy and constructing a robust defense through preparation and innovation are crucial for businesses to navigate and overcome disruptive scenarios.

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Summary & Review

The book "Zoonotic" by Carole Lamarque provides a comprehensive guide on how to prepare for and respond to a Zoonotic attack in the business world. The author uses the metaphor of a Zoonotic virus to describe a new and previously unknown business strategy that combines two known strategies to create something completely new and exponentially powerful. The book emphasizes the importance of speed, focus, agility, and networking in responding to such attacks. It also provides a series of exercises to help readers develop their own Zoonotic strategies and defenses.

Carole Lamarque

Carole Lamarque is a renowned Belgian marketing expert and entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of DUVAL UNION Innovative Marketing, a leading marketing agency, and is known for her expertise in innovative and influencer marketing.

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