Immunity to Change - Summary and Key Ideas

"Immunity to Change" explores the concept of how individuals and organizations resist change, even when they consciously want to make improvements. It provides a step-by-step process to identify and overcome these resistances, thereby unlocking potential for growth and development.

The target group of this book are individuals, leaders, and organizations who are interested in understanding and overcoming the hidden dynamics that prevent them from making desired changes. It is also aimed at those who are interested in adult development and the evolution of mindsets and meaning systems.

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Immunity to Change

Key ideas


Identifying the right improvement goal, one that requires personal growth and adds value to both the individual and the organization, is a powerful motivator for change and personal development.

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"Immunity to Change" is a deeply ingrained resistance to altering the status quo, which can be overcome by identifying and challenging core assumptions.

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Testing big assumptions through safe, modest, actionable, research-oriented, and test-focused experiments can lead to personal and professional growth by challenging and revising our ingrained beliefs and behaviors.

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The journey from unconscious immunity to conscious release is a transformative process that challenges deeply ingrained assumptions and behaviors, leading to significant personal growth and the achievement of previously elusive goals.

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Understanding and managing emotions, rather than suppressing them, can drive effective decision-making and resilience in both personal and organizational change.

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Effective delegation is a key leadership skill that enhances team performance and productivity.

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The 'One-Big-Thing' concept revolutionizes leadership development by fostering individual focus and organizational cohesion.

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Collective introspection can uncover and overcome hidden barriers to organizational change.

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The evolving business landscape necessitates leaders to be champions of change, transformation, and continuous learning, transcending traditional managerial roles.

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Summary & Review

"Immunity to Change" by Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey provides a comprehensive guide to understanding why individuals and organizations resist change, even when they consciously desire it. The authors introduce the concept of 'immunity to change', a self-protective mechanism that prevents us from making significant changes in our lives and work. They provide a step-by-step process to diagnose and overcome this immunity, enabling individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential.

Robert Kegan

Robert Kegan is an American developmental psychologist, author, and former professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Known for his pioneering work in the field of adult development, Kegan's theories focus on the psychological processes behind the development of a person's sense of self and social maturity.

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