Emergent Strategy - Summary and Key Ideas

"Emergent Strategy" is about understanding and implementing a leadership model that is adaptive, relational, and inspired by the natural world. It provides tools and practices for individuals and communities to intentionally change in ways that grow their capacity to embody the just and liberated worlds they long for.

The target group of this book is individuals and organizers who are building movements for justice and liberation, and are interested in leveraging relatively simple interactions to create complex systems, strategies, and patterns.

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Emergent Strategy

Key ideas


Emergent strategy, inspired by the natural world, leverages simple interactions to create complex transformations, embodying adaptation and intentionality in the pursuit of social justice and liberation.


Facilitation methods like 'Flow and Toolbox', 'Living Agenda', and 'Open Space Technology' empower participants to shape discussions, fostering meaningful conversations and adaptable meeting agendas.

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Crafting a clear, adaptable vision and mission through collective prioritization ensures alignment of group efforts towards shared goals.

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Emergent strategy, inspired by nature and based on adaptation, interdependence, creating more possibilities, and decentralization, provides a roadmap for navigating change and achieving goals in a complex world.

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The continuous cycle of reflection, assessment, and adjustment is the engine of growth and transformation in emergent strategy practice.

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Summary & Review

Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown is a guide to understanding and implementing emergent strategies in our lives and work. The book is based on the concept of 'emergence', which is about creating complex systems and patterns of change through relatively small interactions. The author draws inspiration from the work of Black science fiction writer Octavia Butler and the principles of biomimicry and permaculture. The book emphasizes the importance of adaptability, interdependence, and transformative leadership. It also highlights the significance of focusing on critical connections rather than critical mass and the power of small-scale growth and change.

adrienne maree brown

Adrienne Maree Brown is an American social activist, women's rights advocate, and black feminist. She is known for her work in the field of social justice, particularly in areas such as environmental justice, racial equality, and LGBTQ rights.

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