Get on Track - Summary and Key Ideas

"Get on Track" is a motivational book that provides practical strategies and tips to help individuals set, pursue, and achieve their personal and professional goals.

The target group for the book "Get on Track" is likely individuals seeking motivation and guidance to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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Get on Track

Key ideas


Program management, akin to a train conductor, drives strategic execution across an organization, bridging communication gaps and aligning various departments to meet broader company goals.


Establishing a PMO requires strategic decisions on structure, funding, and a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion for optimal effectiveness.

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Effective branding of a Program Management Office hinges on clear communication of its purpose, strategic involvement, and a well-defined taxonomy.

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Managing a program is like conducting a train, requiring clear goals, a realistic schedule, regular meetings, and consistent reporting to ensure a successful journey.

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Effective risk management and communication are key to keeping projects on track, especially when managing global teams.

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Successful program management requires clear role definition, strong relationships, and cross-functional coordination.

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Effective program management requires objective facilitation, focused meetings, insightful retrospectives, clear status reporting, and mindful global team management.

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Effective project management requires strategic execution, regular reassessment, efficient communication, and a balance between guidance and autonomy.

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Building a successful team of program managers requires hiring individuals with unique qualities, providing comprehensive onboarding, continuous learning opportunities, and role variety.

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Excellence in program management requires strategic thinking, objectivity, relationship building, comfort with ambiguity, ownership, community involvement, and continuous development of team skills.

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Summary & Review

Book Summary:

Paula Dieli

Paula Dieli is an accomplished Italian singer, best known for her participation in the popular Italian television show, "The Voice of Italy." She is recognized for her powerful and soulful voice, which has earned her a significant following in the Italian music scene.

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