Find Your Unicorn Space - Summary and Key Ideas

"Find Your Unicorn Space" is about the importance of creative self-expression, redefined as Unicorn Space, and how to reclaim, discover, and nurture it in the midst of a busy life. It provides a framework for cultivating curiosity, making meaningful connections, and following creative projects through to completion.

The target group of "Find Your Unicorn Space" are individuals seeking to reclaim their creative life and self-expression, particularly those juggling multiple roles such as work, caregiving, and household responsibilities.

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Find Your Unicorn Space

Key ideas


Living an authentic life story involves aligning your passions and core values to create a meaningful legacy.


The "Three C's" - Curiosity, Connection, and Completion - are not just a framework for creative living, but a roadmap for an authentic life.

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Rediscovering interests and cultivating creativity is a comprehensive journey that combines research, expert insights, and real-life experiences to provide a roadmap for reigniting passion and fostering creativity.

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Identifying personal values is a powerful compass guiding our actions, decisions, and creative pursuits towards a fulfilling life.

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Creativity, a remix of personal experiences and influences, is a powerful tool for self-expression and community engagement.

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Summary & Review

"Find Your Unicorn Space" by Eve Rodsky is a guide to reclaiming your creative life in a busy world. The book emphasizes the importance of finding your 'Unicorn Space', a term coined by the author to describe the active and open pursuit of self-expression in any form. This pursuit is built on value-based curiosity and purposeful sharing with the world. The book provides a framework for cultivating curiosity, making meaningful connections, and following creative projects through to completion. It also discusses the importance of setting personal goals, rediscovering interests, and cultivating creativity. The author argues that creating time for Unicorn Space is crucial for mental and physical well-being, and provides practical advice on how to achieve this.

Eve Rodsky

Eve Rodsky is a Harvard Law School graduate and organizational management specialist. She is known for her work in promoting gender equality, particularly in domestic responsibilities, and has been featured in various media outlets for her advocacy.

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