Someday Is Today - Summary and Key Ideas

"Someday Is Today" is a guide to increasing productivity and achieving personal goals, written by Matthew Dicks. The book provides strategies and insights on how to make the most of one's time, overcome procrastination, and live a fulfilling life by turning dreams into reality.

The target group of the book "Someday Is Today" are individuals who are looking to improve their productivity, live their dreams, and make the most of their time. It is particularly aimed at those who often delay their goals and dreams, using the term "someday" as an excuse for inaction.

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Someday Is Today

Key ideas


A life-altering encounter led a man to devise the One-Hundred-Year-Old Plan, a strategy of long-term thinking over instant gratification, to inspire others to value time and lead fulfilling lives.

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Optimizing daily routines and making conscious lifestyle choices can significantly enhance productivity by conserving our most valuable resource - time.

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Optimal sleep quality, achieved through regular schedules, distraction-free environments, pre-sleep routines, and appropriate room conditions, is crucial for overall health and productivity.

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'Adopting an 'eagle vision' approach enhances productivity by focusing on significance over minutiae.'

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Intentional use of time, focusing on meaningful work, personal growth, and fostering connections, is key to shaping our identity and maximizing life's value.

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Strategic rule-breaking can foster innovation, efficiency, and personal fulfillment by challenging arbitrary norms and constraints.

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Managing negativity, both from others and within ourselves, is crucial for a satisfying life and fostering creativity.

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Embracing the unknown by saying "yes" to unexpected opportunities can ignite personal and professional growth.

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"Diversity in pursuits, akin to a 'chicken' approach, fuels creativity and innovation through cross-pollination of skills and ideas."

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Life's unpredictability fuels creativity and innovation, necessitating flexibility in our plans and immediate action towards our dreams.

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The essence of creation lies in embracing chaos, persisting through failures, and understanding that the only true failure is to cease creating.

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Success is an unpredictable journey requiring resilience, persistence, and patience, with potential for breakthroughs at any life stage.

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Summary & Review

"Someday Is Today" by Matthew Dicks, with a foreword by Elysha Dicks, is a guide to maximizing productivity and achieving personal and professional goals. The book emphasizes the importance of making the most of the present moment and not delaying dreams and aspirations. It provides practical strategies to streamline life, manage time effectively, and live purposefully. The book encourages readers to take risks, live their dreams, and avoid the regret of unfulfilled wishes. It also provides action plans for each chapter to help readers implement the strategies into their everyday life.

Matthew Dicks, Elysha Dicks,

Matthew Dicks is an American author, educator, and storyteller. He is married to Elysha Dicks, and together they host the Speak Up storytelling podcast.

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