Experimentation Works - Summary and Key Ideas

"Experimentation Works" is a book that explores the importance of experimentation in business, arguing that systematic and strategic testing can lead to significant improvements and innovations. It provides practical advice and real-world examples to guide businesses in implementing a culture of experimentation.

The target group for the book "Experimentation Works" is business leaders, managers, and decision-makers who are interested in leveraging experimentation for business growth and innovation.

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Experimentation Works

Key ideas


Effective leadership in today's fast-paced world involves large-scale business experimentation, a strategy used by successful companies to test ideas, gain insights, and stay competitive.

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Continuous, disciplined experimentation in business fosters innovation, informs decisions, and propels growth, leading to transformative impacts over time.

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Experimentation is crucial for innovation as it provides real-world evidence to assess ideas, enabling businesses to learn, refine concepts, and create successful products and models.

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Online controlled experiments are a crucial tool for businesses to test ideas, make evidence-based decisions, and optimize strategies.

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A culture of innovation thrives on a learning mindset, aligned rewards and incentives, intellectual humility and integrity in experiment design and ethics.

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The success of Lotus F1 Team and Booking.com demonstrates the transformative potential of integrating experimentation, rapid learning, and cutting-edge technology into a company's culture.

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Transforming into an experimentation organization requires nurturing seven fundamental elements: scale, scope, speed, standards, support, shared values, and skills.

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Misconceptions about business experimentation hinder its adoption, but dispelling these myths reveals its potential as a significant driver of innovation.

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Summary & Review

"Experimentation Works" by Stefan H. Thomke is a comprehensive guide on how to leverage the power of experimentation in business. The book emphasizes the importance of experimentation in driving innovation, improving decision-making, and fostering a culture of learning. Thomke argues that businesses that adopt a systematic approach to experimentation can significantly enhance their performance and competitiveness.

Stefan H. Thomke

Stefan H. Thomke is a renowned innovation and business management professor at Harvard Business School. His research and teachings focus on managing innovation, technology, and R&D in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and services.

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