Experimentation Works - Summary and Key Ideas

"Experimentation Works" is a book that explores the importance of experimentation in business, arguing that systematic and strategic testing can lead to significant improvements and innovations. It provides practical advice and real-world examples to guide businesses in implementing a culture of experimentation.

The target group for the book "Experimentation Works" is business leaders, managers, and decision-makers who are interested in leveraging experimentation for business growth and innovation.

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Experimentation Works

Key ideas


Effective leadership in today's fast-paced world involves large-scale business experimentation, a strategy used by successful companies to test ideas, gain insights, and stay competitive.


Continuous, disciplined experimentation in business fosters innovation, informs decisions, and propels growth, leading to transformative impacts over time.

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Experimentation is crucial for innovation as it provides real-world evidence to assess ideas, enabling businesses to learn, refine concepts, and create successful products and models.

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Online controlled experiments are a crucial tool for businesses to test ideas, make evidence-based decisions, and optimize strategies.

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A culture of innovation thrives on a learning mindset, aligned rewards and incentives, intellectual humility and integrity in experiment design and ethics.

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The success of Lotus F1 Team and Booking.com demonstrates the transformative potential of integrating experimentation, rapid learning, and cutting-edge technology into a company's culture.

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Transforming into an experimentation organization requires nurturing seven fundamental elements: scale, scope, speed, standards, support, shared values, and skills.

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Misconceptions about business experimentation hinder its adoption, but dispelling these myths reveals its potential as a significant driver of innovation.

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Summary & Review

"Experimentation Works" by Stefan H. Thomke is a comprehensive guide on how to leverage the power of experimentation in business. The book emphasizes the importance of experimentation in driving innovation, improving decision-making, and fostering a culture of learning. Thomke argues that businesses that adopt a systematic approach to experimentation can significantly enhance their performance and competitiveness.

Stefan H. Thomke

Stefan H. Thomke is a renowned innovation and business management professor at Harvard Business School. His research and teachings focus on managing innovation, technology, and R&D in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and services.

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