World's Best Bank - Summary and Key Ideas

"World's Best Bank" is a strategic guide to digital transformation, detailing how DBS Bank transformed its culture, employees, technology, operations, business, and customers to become a world-class digital bank. It provides insights and lessons for leaders responsible for digital transformation, using DBS Bank's journey as a benchmark.

The target group of this book is leaders responsible for digital transformation who want to learn and benchmark themselves against world-class digital transformation.

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World's Best Bank

Key ideas


Turning banking joyful: DBS Bank's bold strategy and tech-savvy approach made it the world's best ahead of schedule.


Three strategic waves in Asia, Digital, and Sustainability resulted in a significant rise in net profit.

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The Asia Wave: Positioning the DBS Bank as the leading bank for emerging Asian markets.

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The Digital Wave: Making banking seamless and joyful by adopting new technologies.

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The first strategic principle for the digital wave: "Becoming Digital to the Core".

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The second strategic principle for the digital wave: "Embed Ourselves in the Customer Journey".

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The third strategic principle for the digital wave: "Culture by Design, and Think Like a Start-Up".

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The Sustainability Wave focused on responsible banking, responsible business practices, and creating a social impact.

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In the COVID-19 pandemic DBS demonstrated its corporate responsibility and flexibility by leveraging its digital strengths and community spirit.

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Summary & Review

Robin Speculand provides an in-depth analysis of DBS Bank's transformation into the world's best bank. The book explores how DBS Bank successfully implemented its strategy, transformed its culture, employees, technology, operations, and business, and even its customers. It also provides a strategic guide to digital transformation for leaders responsible for digital transformation.

Robin Speculand

Robin Speculand is a renowned expert and pioneer in the field of strategy implementation. He is the founder and CEO of Bridges Business Consultancy Int, a global pioneer in implementation methodology.

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