Unreasonable Hospitality - Summary and Key Ideas

"Unreasonable Hospitality" is a book that explores the concept of hospitality, emphasizing its importance in building relationships and communities, and challenging readers to go beyond the norm in showing kindness and generosity to others.

The target group for the book "Unreasonable Hospitality" is likely individuals or organizations in the hospitality industry seeking to improve their customer service and overall guest experience.

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Unreasonable Hospitality

Key ideas


Will Guidara believes that prioritizing exceptional, personalized hospitality can revolutionize the service industry and distinguish great businesses from average ones.


A unique company culture of shared language, goodwill, and trust fueles exceptional hospitality and consistently exceeded guest expectations.

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Most restaurants are driven by either the chef or the restaurateur, which usually benefits either the food or the service.

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Will Guidara reinvented fine dining at Eleven Madison Park by challenging traditional norms, prioritizing hospitality over qualifications, and fostering a culture of passion and connection.

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Strategic planning sessions, value workshops and idea generation, known from successful corporates also help in running a restaurant.

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Sustainable hospitality requires balance, self-care, and a mindful company culture.

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Chef Daniel Humm's innovative strategies, creativity and commitment to hospitality transformed Eleven Madison Park into a world-renowned restaurant despite economic challenges.

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"Improvisational hospitality" identifies emotional moments and is ready with tools to surprise and delight for an unforgettable, personalized experience.

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Summary & Review

"Unreasonable Hospitality" by Will Guidara is a compelling book that explores the art of hospitality and its profound impact on businesses and personal relationships. Guidara, a renowned restaurateur, shares his insights and experiences to redefine hospitality as an unreasonable pursuit of excellence, going beyond the expected to create memorable experiences for guests. The book is a guide to creating a culture of hospitality that can transform any business or personal interaction into a meaningful and rewarding experience.

Will Guidara

Will Guidara is a renowned restaurateur based in New York City, known for co-owning the Michelin-starred restaurant Eleven Madison Park. He is also a co-founder of the hospitality group Make It Nice, which operates several high-end dining establishments.

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