Who - Summary and Key Ideas

The book "Who" provides a comprehensive guide on hiring practices, focusing on the importance of selecting the right people for the right roles in a company. It offers practical advice and strategies, such as conducting effective interviews and making informed decisions based on a candidate's career history and performance patterns.

The target group of the book are individuals involved in hiring decisions, such as managers, CEOs, and HR professionals, who are looking to improve their hiring success rate and build a more effective team.

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Key ideas


'Who' decisions in hiring are pivotal for business success, and their improvement can lead to enhanced performance and growth.

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"Voodoo hiring" risks business success; the A Method, a structured, proactive approach, ensures top talent acquisition, transforming teams and invigorating companies.

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Scorecards are a vital tool in hiring, aligning strategy with execution, and fostering a strong organizational culture by outlining role-specific missions, outcomes, and competencies.

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Effective talent sourcing requires proactive recruitment strategies, leveraging referrals, broadening networks, and close collaboration with recruiters.

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Steve Kerr's A Method advocates for structured interviews and comprehensive data analysis to accurately forecast job performance and select 'A Players' for a company.

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Effective talent acquisition hinges on understanding and emphasizing a candidate's five primary considerations: fit, family, freedom, fortune, and fun.

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The A Method for hiring prioritizes talent recruitment based on clear success metrics, fostering a culture of A Players for organizational success.

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Summary & Review

"Who" by Geoff Smart and Randy Street is a comprehensive guide to hiring the right people for the right roles in a company. The authors argue that the success of a company largely depends on the quality of its hires. They present the A Method for Hiring, a systematic approach to hiring that includes creating a Scorecard for each role, sourcing candidates, selecting the best ones through structured interviews, and selling the job to the chosen candidate. The authors also share insights from their extensive research and interviews with successful business leaders.

Geoff Smart, Randy Street

Geoff Smart and Randy Street are renowned management consultants and business strategists. They are the co-founders of ghSMART, a leadership consulting firm that advises CEOs and executives on talent and human capital strategies.

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