More Than a Body - Summary and Key Ideas

More Than a Body focuses on developing a positive body image by recognizing that one's body is more than just their appearance, and emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance, resilience, and embracing one's whole identity.

The target group of "More Than a Body" is women of all ages who struggle with body image issues and seek to develop a more positive and empowering relationship with their bodies.

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More Than a Body

Key ideas


Cultivating body image resilience empowers individuals to overcome societal objectification and reclaim their well-being.


Fostering media literacy empowers self-perception and promotes a diverse, healthy body image environment.

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Overcoming self-objectification fosters self-actualization and interconnectedness with our true selves.

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Uniting women and addressing biases fosters empowerment and challenges objectification.

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Redefining health and fitness beyond appearance fosters overall well-being and self-efficacy.

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Summary & Review

More Than a Body by Lexie Kite and Lindsay Kite is a guide to developing a positive body image and embracing one's true self. The authors emphasize the importance of seeing our bodies as instruments, not ornaments, and provide practical tools and strategies for overcoming self-objectification and building resilience. Here are 10 specific actions and main facts from the book to help implement the learnings into one's life:

Lexie Kite

Lexie Kite, Ph.D., is a body image and media literacy expert, and the co-founder of Beauty Redefined, a non-profit organization. Alongside her twin sister, Lindsay, Lexie works to promote positive body image and challenge harmful media messages through research, education, and activism.

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