Why We Get Sick - Summary and Key Ideas

"Why We Get Sick" explores the concept of insulin resistance, its role as a common factor in numerous chronic diseases, and how lifestyle changes can prevent or reverse it. It provides a comprehensive understanding of how insulin resistance impacts our health and offers practical, science-based solutions to combat it.

The target group of "Why We Get Sick" includes individuals who are interested in understanding the root cause of various chronic diseases and those seeking science-based strategies to prevent and reverse insulin resistance.

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Why We Get Sick

Key ideas


Insulin resistance, a precursor to various chronic diseases, is alarmingly prevalent yet preventable and reversible through lifestyle changes.

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Lifestyle changes, especially in diet and physical activity, are the most effective methods to combat insulin resistance.

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Regular physical activity and a low-insulin diet can significantly reduce the risk of diseases associated with insulin resistance.

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Understanding and acting on insulin resistance can empower individuals to take control of their health and inspire healthier choices in others.

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Genetics and aging significantly influence insulin resistance, but lifestyle changes can mitigate their effects.

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Customizable starter workout plans, focusing on different muscle groups and incorporating high-intensity interval training, push the body to its limits to maximize insulin-sensitizing effects and overall strength.

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The saturation level of fats determines their heat tolerance and thus their suitability for cooking or use in dressings, guiding healthier cooking practices.

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Balancing quality sleep and physical activity is crucial for maintaining insulin sensitivity and metabolic health.

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Summary & Review

"Why We Get Sick" by Benjamin Bikman explores the root cause of modern diseases, identifying elevated insulin levels as the primary driver of these conditions. The book provides a comprehensive understanding of insulin resistance, its far-reaching effects on our bodies, and its role in various common diseases. It also offers a roadmap to regain or maintain health, emphasizing the importance of lifestyle changes, particularly in diet and physical activity.

Benjamin Bikman

Benjamin Bikman is a renowned scientist and professor specializing in pathophysiology and biomedical sciences at Brigham Young University. His research primarily focuses on the role of metabolic disorders, such as obesity and diabetes, in degenerative diseases.

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