Code Red - Summary and Key Ideas

"Code Red" is a guide for women to understand and embrace their menstrual cycle as a source of power and wisdom, enabling them to enhance their relationships, build a better business, and create a fulfilling life. It encourages women to chart their cycle, understand its phases, and use this knowledge to align their life with their natural rhythms.

The target group of "Code Red" is women who want to understand their menstrual cycle better, unlock their potential, and improve their lives by aligning with their natural rhythms.

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Code Red

Key ideas


The menstrual cycle, beyond its biological function, serves as a roadmap to a woman's spiritual, emotional, and creative essence, unlocking monthly superpowers for self-care and self-discovery.


Manifestation is not a passive desire, but an active alignment of actions and behaviors with the intended outcome.

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Understanding one's personal rhythm is the key to self-actualization, not external resources for self-development.

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Honoring the menstrual cycle is a profound act of self-care, fostering a deeper connection with oneself through tuning into the body's rhythms and needs.

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Aligning work with the menstrual cycle can enhance productivity, promote self-care, and reduce stress by harnessing women's natural energy rhythms.

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Journaling during the menstrual cycle can be a potent tool for self-discovery, emotional release, communication, and manifestation.

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Understanding and respecting the menstrual cycle can foster healthier and more respectful relationships between men and women.

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The menstrual cycle, mirroring the rhythms of nature, can be a powerful tool for women to understand their bodies and emotions, and live in harmony with these natural cycles.

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Summary & Review

"Code Red" by Lisa Lister is a guide for women to understand, embrace, and harness the power of their menstrual cycle. The book encourages women to chart their cycle, understand the different phases, and use this knowledge to enhance their lives. Lister argues that the menstrual cycle is not a burden but a source of power and wisdom that can be used to create a fulfilling life.

Lisa Lister

Lisa Lister is a British writer, feminist, and wellness advocate known for her work in women's health and spirituality. She is also a third-generation witch, utilizing her knowledge to empower women through self-care and spiritual practices.

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