Deep Nutrition - Summary and Key Ideas

Deep Nutrition offers a science-backed articulation of the importance of traditional foods for our health. It details the power of diet as a strategy for optimizing health, the risks of a modern diet rich in carbohydrates and vegetable oils, and the benefits of transitioning to a wholesome, traditional way of eating.

This book is for those who strive to reclaim control over their health and seek an alternative to handing that control over to hospitals and multinational corporations. It caters to anyone who demands better health and wellness through the power of nutrition. Whether you are already introduced to deep nutrition concepts or about to be, this book serves as your guide in your journey towards optimizing your health.

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Deep Nutrition

Key ideas


Returning to traditional diets can optimize genetic health and reduce chronic illnesses.

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Dietary choices can optimize our genetic potential, enhancing health and beauty.

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Reviving traditional diets can replenish nutrients missing in modern food production.

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Symmetry and divine ratio phi in human appearance indicate optimal health and genetic quality.

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Maternal nutrition and pregnancy spacing affect child development and generational health.

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Modern dietary shifts from traditional foods significantly impair our health and physiology.

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The consumption of damaged vegetable oils disrupts biology, causing disease.

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Vegetable oil compromises brain health, potentially causing issues from migraines to dementia.

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Modern sugar-laden diets damage health; the remedy lies in traditional whole foods.

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The four pillars of the human diet - meat, organs, fermented/sprouted foods and fresh foods - optimize gene expression and health.

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Proper diet and mindful exercise drive cellular function, promoting weight loss and reversing aging.

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Traditional diets, consisting of bone broth and healthy fats, contribute to skin youthfulness and overall health.

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Summary & Review

Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shanahan is a health-imparting toolbox that introduces readers to the benefits of adhering to a traditional diet founded on natural and locally sourced foods. While distinctly not branding itself as a diet book, Deep Nutrition, indeed, advocates for diet as a potent tool capable of enabling optimal health for its adherents. The author's extensive medical practice and patient interactions depended heavily on nutrition at its core, and have resulted in wide-ranging health improvements such as stabilized moods, eradicated cholesterol problems, and the near-elimination of heart attack risks, among others.

Catherine Shanahan, M.D.

Catherine Shanahan is a board-certified family physician. She trained in biochemistry and genetics at Cornell University before attending Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. She practiced medicine in Hawaii for a decade, where she studied ethnobotany, as well as the culinary habits of her healthiest patients. She currently runs a metabolic health clinic in Denver, Colorado, and serves as the director of the Los Angeles Lakers PRO Nutrition Program.

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