We Want You to be Rich - Summary and Key Ideas

"We Want You to Be Rich" is a call from Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki to the readers to improve their financial education and handle their money wisely to attain wealth and thereby become part of the solution for the shrinking middle class and the growing gap between the rich and the poor.

The book is aimed at people who want to increase their financial prosperity and gain a better understanding of money, business, and investments. It is particularly relevant for those who are willing to leave their comfort zone and actively commit to financial education.

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We Want You to be Rich

Key ideas


Creativity in problem-solving means thinking big, utilizing unique ideas, and maintaining control over the process to generate solutions that not only solve your own problems but also serve others.


Active participation and reflection on experiences are crucial for personal growth and achieving goals.

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Success in network marketing requires hard work, enthusiasm, the right product at the right time, and high motivation, with product selection supported by focus groups.

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Thinking on a large scale and expansively is the key to success as it involves expanding one's own frame of thinking, taking risks, and seizing growth opportunities.

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"Invest to win" is a proactive, growth-oriented mindset that distinguishes successful investors through maximizing profits, not just avoiding losses, and actively managing their investments.

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The conscious choice of your values and your field of action can significantly influence your success and survival in the business world.

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The distinction between savers and investors is crucial for financial decisions and can lead to greater financial success.

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Success is closely linked to active control over one's own life by setting goals, making decisions, and viewing challenges as opportunities.

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The combination of logic and creativity, represented by the left and right brain hemispheres, is crucial for prosperity and innovation.

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The accumulation of extreme wealth is predictable and not risky if you apply the right strategies, are willing to make behavioral changes, and take calculated risks.

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Summary & Review

"We Want You to Be Rich" by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump is a call for financial education and personal responsibility. The authors, both successful entrepreneurs and investors, share their concerns about the shrinking middle class and the growing gap between the rich and the poor. They stress that it's time to handle money wisely and become rich, instead of relying on the government and politicians to take care of you and your money. They offer insights into their mindset and their views on the world of money, business, and investing. They believe in financial education and preparation, not in panaceas and emphasize that the best way to change the rules is to first get the gold.

Robert Kiyosaki & Donald Trump

Robert Kiyosaki is an American businessman and author, known for his "Rich Dad Poor Dad" series. Donald Trump, a real estate mogul and TV personality, was the 45th President of the United States.

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