Save the Cat! - Summary and Key Ideas

"Save the Cat!" is a guidebook about screenwriting techniques, offering practical advice on creating compelling stories and characters for film.

The target group for the book "Save the Cat!" is aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers who want to learn about the art of storytelling in cinema.

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Save the Cat!

Key ideas


Mastering the art of the logline, a captivating one-sentence movie pitch, is a vital skill.

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Screenwriting requires a deep understanding of film genres and traditions to successfully avoid clichés and create original, fresh narratives.

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The hero, embodying the story's central theme, is the relatable character who undergoes significant transformation.

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A screenplay's success hinges on its structure, a map of key plot points that guide the hero's transformative journey.

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"The Board" a visual tool for screenplay writers allows for structured creativity and increases the chances of completion.

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Rules for captivating storytelling include making the protagonist likable, creatively introducing backstory, limiting fantastical elements, and ensuring character development.

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Crafting an exceptional movie script is akin to parenting, requiring constant learning, honesty in identifying flaws, and diligent effort.

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Screenwriting success hinges on industry understanding, relationship building, and strategic marketing.

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Summary & Review

"Save the Cat!" by Blake Snyder is a comprehensive guide to writing a compelling story. It provides a step-by-step approach to creating a captivating narrative, regardless of the genre. The book emphasizes the importance of structure, character development, and plot points, and offers practical advice on how to effectively implement these elements. It also introduces the concept of the "Save the Cat" moment, a pivotal scene that makes the protagonist more likable and relatable to the audience.

Blake Snyder

Blake Snyder was an American author, screenwriter, and film producer. He conducted international seminars and workshops for writers from various disciplines and consulted for some of the biggest Hollywood studios.

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