Every Body Yoga - Summary and Key Ideas

"Every Body Yoga" is a guide that encourages everyone, regardless of their body type, color, or personal circumstances, to practice yoga. It provides a comprehensive introduction to yoga, including its history, basic poses, sequences, and how to incorporate it into daily life.

The target group of "Every Body Yoga" is anyone who feels excluded or intimidated by the typical yoga stereotype, particularly those who are overweight, older, or exceptionally short. It's also aimed at those who struggle with self-acceptance and body image issues.

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Every Body Yoga

Key ideas


The Eight-Limbed Path of Yoga offers a comprehensive guide to achieving a fulfilling life through self-discipline, honesty, and internal harmony.


Asana, the practice of yoga poses, is not about achieving perfection but about fostering a deeper connection with the self and a greater awareness of the body's capabilities and limitations.

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Pranayama, the yoga practice of breath regulation, is a vital yet often underestimated tool that centers energy, prepares the mind and body, and fosters a deeper connection with the world.

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Mastering yoga terminology can enrich the practice, deepen understanding, and enhance the overall yoga experience.

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Striking a delicate balance between respecting yoga's rich history and cultural roots and avoiding offensive appropriation of South Asian culture is essential for Western practitioners.

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Yoga is a holistic practice that goes beyond physical exercise, promoting mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, while fostering self-acceptance and body positivity.

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Summary & Review

"Every Body Yoga" by Jessamyn Stanley is a guide to embracing yoga regardless of body type, age, or ability. Stanley emphasizes that yoga is for everyone and encourages readers to let go of fear and self-judgment. She provides a crash course in yoga, breaking down the basics of modern yogic history, the core elements of the eight-limbed path, and various modern yoga styles. Stanley also shares her personal journey with yoga, detailing how it helped her overcome self-loathing and find self-acceptance. The book includes a series of yoga sequences tailored to specific moods and emotional needs.

Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley is an American yoga teacher and body positivity advocate. She is renowned for her inclusive approach to yoga, promoting it as a tool for body acceptance and mental health.

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