The Search - Summary and Key Ideas

"The Search" is a guide to redefining success in the modern work landscape, challenging traditional narratives and encouraging individuals to author their own unique work stories.

The target group of this book, "The Search," are individuals navigating significant changes or transitions in their work life, seeking to redefine their personal definition of success and find meaningful work.

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The Search

Key ideas


The conventional American success narrative is outdated and restrictive, with an overly narrow focus on specific demographics and professions.

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The common beliefs about work - having a career, a path, and a job - are no longer are lies.

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One truth about work: Only you can be the provider of the assistance you seek and the guidance you need.

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Creating a meaningful work narrative involves answering six key questions about influence, motivation, timing, environment, purpose, and vision, thereby aligning personal values with professional life.

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The American Dream is evolving from individual prosperity to community interdependence, with success redefined as a purpose-driven journey rather than a fixed status of wealth.

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Summary & Review

"The Search" by Bruce Feiler is a comprehensive guide to navigating the modern world of work. The book debunks three common myths about work: that you have a career, a path, and a job. Instead, Feiler introduces the concept of a "workquake," a period of upheaval and transition in one's work life. He emphasizes the importance of storytelling in shaping our work lives and offers a roadmap to authoring your own life. The book is based on extensive research and interviews, providing a wealth of practical advice and insights.

Bruce Feiler

Bruce Feiler is an American speaker and writer on societal, generational, and cultural issues. He is also a television personality, having contributed to networks like CNN, NBC, ABC, and PBS, and is known for his lectures on topics such as family, leadership, and the power of storytelling.

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