Emotional Intelligence 2.0 - Summary and Key Ideas

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 discusses ways to increase your emotional quotient (EQ) for personal and professional success. It provides insight into four critical EQ skills - self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management, and gives practical strategies for improving these areas of emotional intelligence. The book underscores the importance of EQ in effective decision making, high performance, and leadership.

This book is a must-read for anyone striving for success in their professional and personal lives. It will be particularly beneficial for individuals in leadership roles, project managers, and those interested in personal development. It's a great tool for teams looking to foster a positive work environment.

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Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Key ideas


Emotional intelligence is the underappreciated driver of success, and its mastery can revolutionize our lives.

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Emotional intelligence, balancing fear and reason, is paramount for survival and success.

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Emotional intelligence, a learnable skill, is a critical determinant of job performance and personal success, outpacing fixed IQ in predicting professional achievement.

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Emotional intelligence, entailing self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management, demands continual development but promises enduring benefits.

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Enhancing emotional intelligence requires persistent practice, individual focus, mentorship, tolerance for errors, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

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Enhancing self-awareness involves acknowledging emotions, embracing discomfort, and aligning actions with core values, ultimately leading to self-mastery and positive relationships.

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Mastering self-management strategies, such as proper breathing, reasonable thinking, and visualizing success, offers control over emotions and reactions, fostering a life led by choice.

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Mastering social awareness deepens connections through understanding emotions and cues.

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Harnessing emotional intelligence, effective communication, and consistency fosters deeper, more resilient relationships.

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Emotional intelligence is a crucial, contagious leadership tool impacting workplace performance and requiring continual practice across life spans and cultures.

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Summary & Review

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves is a book designed to aid readers in understanding and increasing their emotional intelligence (EQ). The book explores the importance of EQ in today's world and guides readers through developing their own EQ skills. It succinctly explains how to deal with emotions creatively and employ our intelligence in a beneficial way. The authors provide a set of 66 strategies, based on rigorous research, aimed at incrementally improving overall emotional intelligence. Where traditional cognitive intelligence (IQ) falls short in predicting success in life and work, EQ fills the gap. The book's primary purpose is to help readers increases their EQ by implementing the strategies provided.

Travis Bradberry, Jean Greaves

Travis Bradberry is a well-known author and emotional intelligence expert. He has conducted detailed studies and has made significant contributions to the field of emotional intelligence. BradberryÔÇÖs insights on emotional intelligence have been leveraged in numerous businesses and charities worldwide.

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