The Next Right Thing - Summary and Key Ideas

The Next Right Thing is about making decisions and creating a meaningful life by focusing on doing the next right thing in any given situation, offering guidance and practical advice for navigating life's choices and challenges.

The target group of "The Next Right Thing" includes individuals facing decisions or life transitions, and those seeking guidance on making intentional choices and finding clarity in their lives.

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The Next Right Thing

Key ideas


Embracing the "next right thing" approach alleviates decision fatigue and cultivates mindful, fulfilling lives.

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Soul minimalism declutters life for self-awareness and intentional living.

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Naming the narrative empowers self-understanding, informed decision-making, and fosters empathy in relationships.

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A Life Energy List cultivates self-awareness and fulfillment by prioritizing life-giving experiences.

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Quitting can be a transformative power, creating space for personal growth and new opportunities.

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Embracing mindfulness and staying in the present moment enhances mental well-being and fosters intentional decision-making.

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Embrace patience for clarity's natural emergence, fostering wiser decisions and greater satisfaction.

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Avoid guru overload by selectively seeking guidance aligned with your true self and embracing the power of co-listeners.

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Embrace the power of a No Mentor to focus on life's essentials and foster personal growth.

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Embracing surprises and the unknown fosters personal growth, deeper connections, and unexpected joy.

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Summary & Review

The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman is a guide to making decisions and living a more intentional life. It offers practical advice and spiritual insights to help readers navigate through life's uncertainties and make better choices. Here are 10 specific actions to implement the learnings from the book:

Emily P. Freeman

Emily P. Freeman is a popular Christian author, speaker, and podcast host. She is known for her ability to connect with readers and listeners by sharing personal stories and offering practical spiritual guidance for everyday life.

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