Present Future - Summary and Key Ideas

Present Future explores the Deep Tech Revolution, examining the history and impact of key technological advances on various aspects of life, while preparing readers for the exponential leaps yet to come.

The target group of Present Future includes entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, business leaders, and anyone interested in understanding the technological trends shaping the future and their potential impact on various aspects of life.

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Present Future

Key ideas


Harnessing big data techniques unlocks valuable insights from the overwhelming deluge of information in our modern society.

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Balancing EdTech advancements with the essence of learning is crucial for realizing education's transformative potential.

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Unlocking value from big data across industries can revolutionize decision-making and generate billions in revenue.

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Information overload hinders effective learning by overwhelming short-term memory and impeding knowledge transmission to long-term memory.

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Blockchain and encryption revolutionize data security, challenging centralized storage systems and transforming industries, while raising concerns about privacy and standardization.

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Summary & Review

Present Future by Guy Perelmuter explores the deep tech revolution and its impact on various aspects of our lives, such as autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, and more. The book delves into the history of these technologies and their potential future implications, emphasizing the importance of understanding and adapting to these rapid changes.

Guy Perelmuter

Guy Perelmuter is a Brazilian entrepreneur and technology expert with a background in engineering and computer science. He is the co-founder of GRIDS Capital, a venture capital firm focused on deep tech investments, and is a prominent speaker on artificial intelligence, robotics, and innovation.

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