Born a Crime - Summary and Key Ideas

The book Born a Crime (2016) is about the incredible life of Trevor Noah, who was born to a black mother and a white father during apartheid in South Africa. It tells the story of his childhood, his struggles with identity and poverty, and his rise to becoming a successful comedian and host of The Daily Show.

This book is a perfect read for individuals that are interested in autobiographical stories and enjoy learning about different cultures. It is also suitable for those that appreciate a humorous and honest approach to discussing complex topics such as racism, identity, and family dynamics.

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Born a Crime

Key ideas


Growing up mixed race under apartheid


Finding identity through humor

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Overcoming adversity with resilience

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Merging cultures and languages

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The power of education

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Family bonds and sacrifices

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Navigating societal expectations

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The power of storytelling

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Challenging racial stereotypes

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Embracing life's absurdities

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Summary & Review

Born a Crime is a captivating memoir by Trevor Noah that tells the story of his life growing up as a mixed-race child in South Africa during the apartheid era. Through his experiences, we learn about the complexities of race, identity, and the power of language. Noah's story teaches us important lessons about resilience, empathy, and the importance of education. Here are 10 actions we can take to implement the learnings from the book into our own lives.

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is a South African comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, and television host. He is best known for hosting The Daily Show on Comedy Central, succeeding Jon Stewart. Noah has also released several comedy specials and has won multiple awards for his work, including a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program. Born during apartheid, Noah's experiences growing up in South Africa have heavily influenced his comedy and commentary on race and politics.

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