Beyond Order - Summary and Key Ideas

"Beyond Order" is a self-help book by Jordan Peterson that provides 12 additional rules for life, focusing on finding balance between chaos and order, and navigating through life's challenges.

The target group for the book "Beyond Order" is individuals interested in self-improvement, personal growth, and understanding complex life concepts.

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Beyond Order

Key ideas


Life is a delicate dance between stability and disruption, requiring us to balance order and chaos, and find meaning in both to avoid stagnation or disorder.


RULE I: Do not carelessly denigrate social institutions or creative achievement

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RULE II: Imagine who you could be, and then aim single-mindedly at that

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RULE III: Do not hide unwanted things in the fog

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RULE IV: Notice that opportunity lurks where responsibility has been abdicated

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RULE V: Do not do what you hate

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Rule VI: Abandon ideology

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RULE VII: Work as hard as you possibly can on at least one thing and see what happens

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RULE VIII: Try to make one room in your home as beautiful as possible

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RULE IX: If old memories still upset you, write them down carefully and completely

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RULE X: Plan and work diligently to maintain the romance in your relationship

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RULE XI: Do not allow yourself to become resentful, deceitful, or arrogant

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Summary & Review

"Beyond Order" by Jordan B. Peterson is a profound exploration of the human condition that delves into the balance between chaos and order. Peterson presents 12 additional rules for life that serve as a guide to navigate through the complexities of life. The book emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility, the pursuit of meaning over expedience, and the necessity of courage in the face of the unknown.

Jordan B. Peterson

Jordan B. Peterson is a Canadian psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. He is known for his conservative views on cultural and political issues including gender identity, political correctness, and religion.

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