Praying To Get Results - Summary and Key Ideas

"Praying To Get Results" is a guide on how to pray effectively by understanding different types of prayers and their specific rules, as well as the importance of faith, dedication, and understanding God's will. It emphasizes the power of prayer in achieving desired results, healing, and overcoming challenges.

The target group of this book is primarily Christians, both new converts and long-time believers, who are seeking to deepen their understanding of prayer and its power, and who want to see tangible results from their prayers.

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Praying To Get Results

Key ideas


Understanding and adhering to the unique rules of different types of prayer, whether individual or corporate, is crucial for achieving the desired spiritual results.


Actively casting all our cares on God, as a crucial aspect of faith, leads to deliverance from anxieties and worries.

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United prayer, a collective act of faith, holds immense power and underscores the importance of unity and harmony, yielding powerful outcomes.

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The power of prayer lies in unwavering faith and belief, even in the face of doubt or unbelief.

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Worry can hinder healing and deliverance, while trusting in God's word can bring about significant positive change.

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Summary & Review

"Praying To Get Results" by Kenneth E. Hagin is a guide to effective prayer. The book emphasizes the importance of faith, understanding different types of prayers, and the power of united prayer. Hagin encourages readers to believe in their prayers, even when the desired results are not immediately visible. He also highlights the importance of praising God instead of constantly petitioning Him. The book provides practical advice on how to pray effectively and see results.

Kenneth E. Hagin

Kenneth E. Hagin was an influential American preacher known for his teachings on faith, healing, and prosperity. He was the founder of the Rhema Bible Training College, a prominent institution that has trained thousands of ministers worldwide.

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