Broken Soup - Summary and Key Ideas

"Broken Soup" is a novel about a girl named Rowan who navigates through personal and family struggles, including the death of her brother and her mother's suicide attempt, while also exploring a mysterious photograph that leads her to new relationships and self-discovery.

The target group of the book are individuals interested in young adult fiction, particularly those who enjoy stories about personal growth, family dynamics, and overcoming challenges.

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Broken Soup

Key ideas


"Broken Soup" is a tale of mystery, loss, and resilience as a teenager navigates grief and familial responsibility after receiving a photo of her deceased brother from a stranger.


Rowan grapples with her mother's mental health crisis and the revelation of her brother's secret romance, testing her emotional resilience and relationships.

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Rowan struggles with family secrets and unrequited love, as she uncovers her late brother's child and faces her love interest's departure.

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The unexpected arrival of a new family member sparks hope and recovery amidst grief and emotional turmoil.

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Harper's departure triggers resilience and healing within his family, fostering unity through shared sorrow and newfound connections.

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In the wake of tragedy, Rowan's family finds solace and hope in unity, new friendships, and the prospect of healing at the place of loss.

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Through adversity, Rowan discovers the healing power of family, friendship, and future plans.

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Rowan's transformative journey, sparked by a mysterious photo and unexpected friendships, has led her from fear to resilience, embracing life's unpredictability with renewed hope and purpose.

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Summary & Review

Final Summary:

Jenny Valentine

Jenny Valentine is a British author known for her contributions to contemporary young adult and children's literature. Before her writing career, she worked as a teaching assistant and ran an art therapy group in a homeless shelter.

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