The Triumphant Church - Summary and Key Ideas

The Triumphant Church is a religious text that emphasizes the victory of the Church of Jesus Christ over Satan, asserting that believers should not see themselves as militant or defeated, but triumphant. The book encourages believers to understand and exercise their authority in Christ, and to live in the victory that Jesus has already won, rather than constantly battling with the devil.

The target audience for the book "The Triumphant Church" is likely Christian believers, particularly those interested in understanding their spiritual authority and position in Christ, as well as those seeking guidance on spiritual warfare and deliverance from demonic influences.

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The Triumphant Church

Key ideas


Understanding and acting upon God's Word empowers Christians to resist Satan's deception and enjoy a life of freedom.


Understanding the Distinctions between the Human Spirit, Soul, and Body and Their Roles in Spiritual Warfare

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Personal Responsibility in Overcoming Sinful Desires and Living a Holy Life

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Understanding and Countering Demonic Influences: From Oppression and Obsession to Possession in Christian Perspective

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The Dangers of Succumbing to Demonic Influence: A Lesson from Kenneth Hagin's Vision of a Fallen Christian Woman

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The Power of Believers in Exorcising Demons: A Vision of Jesus Explaining the Process and Asserting the Authority of Faithfuls Over Evil Spirits

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Believers' Spiritual Inheritance and Authority in Christ Overcomes Evil Forces

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Understanding Spiritual Warfare: Standing Firm in Faith and Acknowledging Christ's Victory Rather than Engaging in Physical Combat with Demons

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The Power of God's Word: Liberating Individuals and Shattering Strongholds through Gospel Dissemination and Faith in Jesus Christ

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The Power of Prayer: A Spiritual Weapon to Counteract Evil and Expand God's Kingdom

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Misinterpretations and Extremes in Christian Deliverance Ministry Can Lead to Harmful Practices and Unwarranted Fear

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Spiritual Liberation in Christianity: The Role of the Holy Spirit, Faith, and the Gospel in Deliverance and Healing

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Summary & Review

"The Triumphant Church" by Kenneth E. Hagin is a spiritual guide that emphasizes the victory of the Church over Satan's forces, based on the teachings of the Bible. The book asserts that the Church is not a defeated or militant entity, but a triumphant one, already victorious through Jesus Christ. Hagin emphasizes the believer's authority in Christ over Satan and the importance of understanding and exercising this authority. He also discusses the importance of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus and His Word.

Kenneth E Hagin

Kenneth E. Hagin was a prominent American preacher and evangelist, known for his teachings on faith, healing, and prosperity. He was the founder of the Rhema Bible Training College, which has trained thousands of ministers worldwide.

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