Period Repair Manual - Summary and Key Ideas

"Period Repair Manual" is a comprehensive guide to understanding and improving menstrual health. It provides insights into hormonal balance, the importance of regular periods, potential issues and their solutions, and encourages women to view their menstrual cycle as an essential part of their overall health.

The target group of this book is women who are seeking to understand and improve their hormonal health and menstrual cycles.

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Period Repair Manual

Key ideas


Understanding your menstrual cycle is a vital sign of overall health and early identification of potential health concerns.


Hormonal birth control, while providing predictability, can mask true menstrual health issues.

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Complex health issues like environmental toxins, digestive health, and thyroid disease significantly impact period problems, highlighting the importance of a healthy gut microbiome.

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Sleep is a powerful tool for hormone regulation and period health, with its adequacy leading to balanced cortisol levels, enhanced insulin sensitivity, and regulated hormone release.

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A balanced diet, tailored to individual needs, is crucial for maintaining hormonal balance and period health.

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Effective communication with your healthcare provider is crucial for managing period health.

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Eating disorders profoundly impact period health, necessitating professional help, a healthier relationship with food, and honoring natural hunger to maintain nutritional balance.

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Summary & Review

Period Repair Manual by Lara Briden is a comprehensive guide to understanding and improving women's menstrual health. The book emphasizes the importance of natural menstrual cycles and provides a range of strategies for addressing common period problems. Briden encourages readers to view their periods as an essential part of their overall health and to reject the idea that hormonal birth control is the only solution to menstrual issues. The book provides detailed information on various period problems, their causes, and natural treatment options. It also includes a guide to understanding and interpreting menstrual cycle clues.

Lara Briden

Lara Briden is a naturopathic doctor with over 20 years of experience in women's health. She is known for her expertise in hormonal health and her advocacy for evidence-based natural medicine.

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