Wild Power - Summary and Key Ideas

"Wild Power" is a guide to personal and spiritual development, focusing on the power of the Feminine and the importance of understanding and embracing the menstrual cycle as a source of wisdom and empowerment. It aims to help individuals, regardless of gender, to reclaim their full authority and leadership in the world.

Wild Power is intended for individuals of all genders who are interested in personal and spiritual development, and particularly those who are keen on understanding and embracing the power of the Feminine. It is especially relevant for menstruators who wish to explore the cyclical wisdom intensified in their experiences.

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Wild Power

Key ideas


Wild Power is not just about personal empowerment, but also about reclaiming the feminine ways of power that have been suppressed in society.


By understanding and embracing the Inner Seasons, women can synchronize with their changing needs and tendencies, leading to personal growth and wellbeing.

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The summer phase of your cycle is a crucial period of high energy and action, a time to bring your ambitions to life and prepare for the challenges of the subsequent phases.

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Premenstrual tension and rage can be a pathway to profound self-awareness and the experience of Union, transcending mere hormonal fluctuations.

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The cycle process, involving setting an intention, observing signs, and incubating, provides a powerful tool for gaining clarity and guidance in life's challenges.

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Mindfulness and pacing oneself according to inner truth, rather than external pressures, can significantly improve well-being and productivity.

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Menstrual cycle awareness can create significant inner and outer chnage, changing the world one cycle at a time.

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Summary & Review

"Wild Power" by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer is a guide to understanding and harnessing the power of the menstrual cycle. It explores the concept of 'Wild Power', a force that seeks expression through individuals, particularly women. The authors argue that the menstrual cycle is a source of profound power and wisdom, and by understanding and embracing it, women can reclaim their full authority and leadership in the world. The book provides practical tools and guidance to help women navigate their menstrual cycle and tap into their Wild Power.

Alexandra Pope

Alexandra Pope is a renowned Canadian meteorologist, known for her work with The Weather Network. She is recognized for her engaging weather forecasts and her ability to explain complex meteorological phenomena in an understandable way.

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