For Blood and Money - Summary and Key Ideas

'For Blood and Money' dives deep into the high stakes world of biotech and pharmaceuticals, following the quest for a blockbuster BTK inhibitor drug. The book unveils the messy, expensive, and often heart-breaking realities behind drug development, where brilliant ideas can languish in corporate pipelines and hard-nosed venture capitalists hold the purse strings required to make visions into reality. It gives a meticulous account of the roller-coaster journey from drug discovery to commercialization, narrating through the noticeable characters leaving indelible marks on the path.

This book is ideal for readers interested in the intriguing world of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, venture capitalism, and success stories. It is an excellent choice for those who enjoy real-life tales of resilience, determination, and breakthroughs in the realm of biologic drug development. 'For Blood and Money' is also a valuable read for students or professionals in the field of medicine and healthcare, and those keen on understanding the machinations behind drug discovery and patenting processes.

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For Blood and Money

Key ideas


Differences over drug development strategies led to Richard Miller's departure from Pharmacyclics.


Amidst financial crisis, Pharmacyclics pivoted towards developing a promising BTK inhibitor drug.

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An experimental drug, PCI-32765, caused partial remission in CLL patients.

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Pharmacyclics gained momentum through persistence, targeting BTK inhibitor for CLL.

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Vital changes in phase 2 trial design accelerated a promising CLL drug's testing.

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Internal conflicts jeopardized the development of a promising leukemia drug.

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Raquel Izumi's development of PCI-32765 led to Pharmacyclics- J&J billion-dollar leukemia drug partnership.

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Bob Duggan utilized Scientologist principles to unlock employees' genius, enhancing Pharmacyclics' breakthrough cancer therapy development.

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Acerta Pharma aims to improve cancer treatment with a potent BTK inhibitor, ACP-196.

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Ibrutinib's success in CLL treatment stirred controversy and commercial excitement.

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Innovative BTK inhibitor drug trial reveals promising leukemia treatment option.

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Rothbaum's controlling stake and assertiveness stress Acerta's team and hinder Hamdy's leadership.

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Summary & Review

Final Summary: "For Blood and Money" by Nathan Vardi presents a compelling narrative on the biotech sector, underpinning the daring pursuit of breakthrough drugs by the industry's brightest minds and ambitious investors. The story centers on the gripping adventure of billionaire investor Wayne Rothbaum and biotech professionals like Ahmed Hamdy in the invention of BTK inhibitors. Overcoming countless obstacles, these individuals showcase resilience, intellect, courage, and conviction in their quest to make a big bet in developing breakthrough drugs. The book serves as a testament to the high-risk stakes, intellectual challenges, relentless commitment, and financial rewards inherent in the biotech industry.

Nathan Vardi

Nathan Vardi is an investigative journalist with deep insights into the world of biotechnology. His fascination with the intricate science and drama behind pharmaceutical ventures led him to write his first book, recounting the powerful real-life story of Broadway-scale profits, unexpected hustles, and resilient spirits. He started this book while working at Forbes and spent years conducting extensive research and interviews to put together this story.


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