Attention Span - Summary and Key Ideas

"Attention Span" by Gloria Mark is a comprehensive study on how digital technologies like personal computing and smartphones have impacted our attention spans, leading to increased multitasking, distractions, and interruptions. The book also provides solutions on how to regain control over our attention and achieve a balance between our digital behaviors and overall productivity.

The target audience for the book "Attention Span" is likely individuals who are interested in understanding their digital behaviors, particularly those who struggle with maintaining focus, multitasking, and managing distractions in the digital age. The book may also appeal to those interested in psychology, cognitive science, and the impact of technology on human behavior.

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Attention Span

Key ideas


Our ability to focus is a finite resource that can be depleted by constant task-switching and replenished through restful activities.

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Effective management of attention in the digital age requires self-awareness, wise decision-making, and understanding of the social and technical forces that influence focus.

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Attention is a complex, fluctuating process influenced by levels of engagement and challenge, and understanding its rhythms and states can improve cognitive management and overall well-being.

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The proliferation of digital technology has led to a significant decrease in attention spans, negatively impacting productivity and increasing stress levels.

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Interruptions in the digital age can disrupt focus and deplete mental energy, but strategic approaches can help manage attention effectively, leveraging the tension they create to ensure tasks are completed.

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The internet's associative, hyperlinked design, initially aimed at facilitating information linkage, has inadvertently led to fragmented attention and is now exploited for profit maximization.

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Algorithms in the digital world manipulate our attention and emotions by monitoring our online activities and exploiting our desires and weaknesses.

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The internet mirrors real-world social dynamics, influencing human behavior, identity construction, and attention management.

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Repetitive digital tasks offer mental recharge and happiness, enhancing cognitive skills and overall well-being.

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Media and technology have fostered a culture of short attention spans.

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Through personal, organizational, and societal changes, we can alter our interaction with technology to enhance our well-being and ensure that it serves us, rather than the other way around.

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Summary & Review

"Attention Span" by Gloria Mark is a comprehensive exploration of the impact of digital technology on our attention spans and productivity. The book delves into the science of attention, the reasons behind our multitasking and distractions, and the effects of constant interruptions. It also provides solutions on how to regain control of our attention in the digital age. The book emphasizes the importance of understanding our behavior with digital devices, developing agency to control our attention, and finding our own attentional rhythm for better productivity and well-being.

Gloria Mark

Gloria Mark is a renowned professor in the Department of Informatics at the University of California, Irvine. She is known for her research on digital distraction, focusing on how people multitask with digital media and how it affects their mood and stress levels.

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