Remember Everything You Read - Summary and Key Ideas

"Remember Everything You Read" is a guidebook that provides techniques for enhancing reading speed and comprehension, and offers strategies for effective note-taking and recall to improve academic performance.

The target group of the book are individuals who are students or learners seeking to improve their reading comprehension, recall ability, and note-taking skills for academic success.

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Remember Everything You Read

Key ideas


Dynamic learning techniques can significantly enhance reading speed and comprehension, enabling individuals to keep pace with today's information overload.

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Effective speed reading techniques, though initially challenging, can significantly enhance academic performance and efficiency, benefiting students across all age groups.

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Mastering subsonic reading techniques and consistent practice can significantly enhance reading speed and comprehension, potentially enabling mental soaring.

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Effective studying hinges on clear goals, a conducive environment, meticulous planning, and strategic techniques for reading, note-taking, and exam preparation.

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The Multiple Reading Process is a strategic, layered technique that boosts reading speed, comprehension, and retention through repeated, purposeful engagement with the text.

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Hand motions enhance speed reading by setting a quick pace, boosting focus, and preventing rereading, with different techniques offering unique benefits.

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Recall patterns in note-taking engage the brain like a "mental computer", enhancing memory and understanding by visually structuring and connecting information.

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Success in school hinges on understanding the teacher's mindset, effective note-taking, and utilizing recall patterns to summarize key points and deepen subject comprehension.

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A structured approach and adequate preparation can make the task of writing both efficient and successful.

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The Evelyn Wood reading program enhances reading speed and comprehension through techniques like visual-vertical reading, leading to improved academic performance.

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Effective exam performance relies on thorough preparation, strategic studying, and maintaining a calm, methodical approach.

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Summary & Review

"Remember Everything You Read" by Stanley D. Frank is a comprehensive guide that provides readers with techniques to improve their reading speed and comprehension. The book emphasizes the importance of a proper diet for brain work, the concept of forty-minute study blocks for maximum efficiency, and the two-week rule for diligent studying at the start of a term. It introduces the concept of "supersonic" reading, which involves previewing and postviewing reading material for better recall. The book also provides techniques for effective note-taking, such as the slash recall method, and offers advice on how to approach different types of test questions.

Stanley D. Frank

Stanley D. Frank is an American author known for his expertise in speed reading and personal development. He has been a frequent guest on television and radio shows, sharing his insights on improving reading speed and comprehension.

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