The 12 Week Year - Summary and Key Ideas

"The 12 Week Year" presents a system designed to improve performance and achieve goals faster by focusing on execution within a 12-week timeframe, rather than a traditional 12-month year. It provides a structured approach that can be applied both personally and professionally, offering tools and strategies to close the execution gap and increase productivity.

The target group of "The 12 Week Year" includes individuals and organizations seeking to improve their productivity and achieve their goals more efficiently, both personally and professionally.

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The 12 Week Year

Key ideas


The concept of the '12 Week Year' challenges traditional annual planning, promoting increased focus, urgency, and productivity for better results.


A compelling, emotionally connected vision can empower individuals and organizations to overcome discomfort and effectively execute tasks.

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The 12-week plan should be a standalone plan, that is aligned with your long-term vision and focuses on the highest-value opportunities.

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Daily actions, aligned with long-term vision and executed through focused weekly plans, are the driving force behind achieving desired results.

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Effective measurement and accountability systems are crucial cornerstones in achieving goals.

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Intentionality in time management is the secret weapon against mediocrity and the key to achieving desired results.

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Integrating Commitment, Accountability, and Greatness in the Moment into a 12-week action plan can bring about life-changing improvements.

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Summary & Review

The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington is a guide to achieving more in 12 weeks than what most people achieve in 12 months. The authors argue that traditional annual planning is ineffective because it doesn't create a sense of urgency and allows for procrastination. Instead, they propose a 12-week cycle for planning and execution, which creates focus, urgency, and a structure for accountability. The book provides practical strategies and tools to help individuals and organizations close the execution gap and achieve their goals more efficiently.

Brian P. Moran

Brian P. Moran is a highly respected executive coach and public speaker, known for his expertise in leadership and business performance. He has served as a CEO, corporate executive, entrepreneur, and consultant, bringing over 30 years of experience to his clients.

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