Winning Habits - Summary and Key Ideas

"Winning Habits" is about four key habits that can lead to personal and professional success: being the first one on and last one off while adding extra value, never trading results for excuses, solving problems in advance, and always making those around you look good. It uses the story of Albert and Jennifer, who learn these habits from a retired admiral, to illustrate these principles.

The target group of "Winning Habits" is individuals seeking personal and professional development, particularly those interested in improving their work habits and decision-making skills.

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Winning Habits

Key ideas


The first Winning Habit: Be first on, last off, and add extra value!


The second Winning Habit: Never trade results for excuses!

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The third Winning Habit: Solve problems in advance!

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The fourth Winning Habit: Always make those around you look good!

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Summary & Review

"Winning Habits" by Dick Lyles presents four key habits that can lead to personal and professional success. These habits are: being the first one on and the last one off, never trading results for excuses, solving problems in advance, and always making those around you look good. The book emphasizes the importance of these habits in achieving consistent success and becoming a pacesetter in life. It also provides practical methods for problem-solving and decision-making.

Dick Lyles

Dick Lyles is a renowned American business executive and leadership consultant. He has held top positions in various companies, including serving as the CEO of Leadership Legacies and Origin Entertainment.

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