Who Moved My Cheese - Summary and Key Ideas

"Who Moved My Cheese" is a motivational business fable that explores how to deal with change in work and life through the story of four characters living in a maze and their search for cheese.

The target group for "Who Moved My Cheese" is individuals seeking personal growth and change, as well as businesses looking for strategies to manage change.

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Who Moved My Cheese

Key ideas


The parable 'Who Moved My Cheese?' serves as a powerful tool for navigating life's unexpected changes and achieving success.


Everyone is searching for their cheese, and when the cheese is gone, some search in new places, others don't.

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The "Who Moved My Cheese" story serves as a powerful metaphor for embracing change, overcoming fear, and fostering productive conversations about adaptability in both personal and professional life.

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Summary & Review

"Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson is a motivational business fable that uses a simple story about four characters living in a maze, constantly looking for cheese to survive, to illustrate the different ways people deal with change in their work and personal lives. The cheese represents what we want in life (job, relationship, money, health, etc.), and the maze is where we look for what we want (our environment). The four characters, two mice named Sniff and Scurry and two little people named Hem and Haw, each represent different attitudes towards change. The book emphasizes the importance of anticipating change, adapting quickly, enjoying change, and being ready to change quickly and often.

Spencer Johnson

Spencer Johnson was an American physician and psychologist, best known for his expertise in personal change. He was a co-founder of the Spencer Johnson Partners, a leadership development firm, and was widely recognized for his innovative thinking and ability to simplify complex subjects.

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