Working Backwards - Summary and Key Ideas

Working Backwards provides insights, stories, and secrets from inside Amazon, focusing on their unique approach to product development and innovation by starting with the desired customer experience and working backwards to create successful products and services.

The target group of "Working Backwards" includes business leaders, managers, and professionals interested in learning about Amazon's innovative processes and principles to apply in their own organizations.

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Working Backwards

Key ideas


Amazon's Leadership Principles cultivate a culture of innovation, customer obsession, and high standards, driving the company's success.

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Narrative-driven meetings foster deeper understanding and better decision-making by replacing superficial PowerPoint presentations with nuanced, interconnected written narratives.

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The PR/FAQ process fosters customer-centric innovation and success by working backward from customer needs.

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The Amazon Flywheel exemplifies interconnected growth drivers, emphasizing the importance of controllable input metrics for company success.

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The Weekly Business Review fosters growth and success by consistently monitoring performance and addressing challenges in real-time.

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Summary & Review

Working Backwards, by Colin Bryar and Bill Carr, provides insights, stories, and secrets from inside Amazon, focusing on the company's unique management practices and principles. The authors share their experiences working at Amazon and how the company's approach to innovation and customer obsession has led to its success.

Colin Bryar

Colin Bryar is a business executive and consultant with over 20 years of experience. He served as Amazon's Chief of Staff under CEO Jeff Bezos, playing a key role in the company's growth and success.

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