What Every BODY Is Saying - Summary and Key Ideas

What Every BODY Is Saying is about understanding and interpreting nonverbal communication, specifically body language, to gain insights into people's thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

The target group of "What Every BODY Is Saying" includes individuals interested in understanding and interpreting nonverbal communication to improve their personal and professional relationships.

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What Every BODY Is Saying

Key ideas


Mastering nonverbal communication unlocks the hidden language of human behavior and enhances interpersonal understanding.


Mastering nonverbal cues unlocks the power to read people's thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

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Establishing baseline behaviors enhances accurate reading of emotions and intentions, providing valuable insights in personal and professional interactions.

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Mastering the observation of multiple tells and behavioral clusters unlocks the secrets of nonverbal communication.

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Detecting deception through nonverbal cues demands caution and context-awareness, as misinterpretations can lead to false accusations.

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Summary & Review

In "What Every BODY Is Saying," Joe Navarro, a former FBI agent, shares his expertise in nonverbal communication and body language. He explains how understanding and interpreting these silent cues can lead to personal and professional success. The book covers various aspects of nonverbal communication, including facial expressions, gestures, physical movements, body distance, touching, posture, and clothing. By mastering these nonverbal cues, readers can gain insights into the thoughts, feelings, and intentions of others, ultimately improving their interpersonal relationships.

Joe Navarro

Joe Navarro is a former FBI agent and internationally recognized expert in nonverbal communication, specializing in body language and behavioral analysis. With a 25-year career in the FBI, he has become a sought-after speaker and consultant, helping professionals in various fields improve their communication skills.

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