The Power of Self-Dependence - Summary and Key Ideas

This book explores our dependencies in family and society, highlighting their various forms, and explaining how it is possible to take control of one's own life in a self-determined and responsible way. It emphasizes the importance of making conscious choices and taking responsibility for our own decisions.

This book is aimed at individuals seeking self-improvement and a deeper understanding of their place in the context of family and society. It encourages readers to contemplate personal freedom and independence, making it suitable for those interested in personal development and self-discovery.

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The Power of Self-Dependence

Key ideas


Life's journey encompasses self-discovery, connection, loss, and pursuit of meaning.

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Life's journey requires balancing desire, intellect, and physical well-being.

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Self-dependence balances human connection need while preserving individuality and agency.

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The parent-child bond is crucial for survival, autonomy, and navigating the phases of life.

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Self-reliance is about owning decisions, bearing consequences, and fostering personality development.

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Self-love fosters endless capacity for altruism and cultivates true solidarity.

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Inner growth starts with self-awareness, acceptance, and responsible utilization of emotions.

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Autonomy, a lifelong journey, signifies self-shaped rules, responsibility for decisions and understanding limits.

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Summary & Review

Final Summary: The book "Selbstbestimmt leben: Wege zum Ich" by Jorge Bucay is an exquisite journey towards self-determination and understanding. It explores the concept of living a fulfilled life, primarily based on the three fundamental questions - "Who am I? Where am I going? And with whom?" Bucay enlightens the readers with a careful blend of stories, allegories, and practical examples, making this exploration an enlightening experience. He asserts that while our journeys are meant for us to walk alone, taking steps towards self-dependency leads us towards fulfilment. Bucay's vision signifies that freedom from societal norms is not an illusion, but a choice, empowering us to transform our potential into reality.

Jorge Bucay

Jorge Bucay, born in 1949 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, comes from a family with Arabic-Jewish roots. He studied medicine and psychoanalysis, becoming one of the most influential Gestalt therapists. His great international success is due to his experience and knowledge of various cultural influences and his profound understanding of human nature. His books reflect all these influences and his years of therapeutic experience.

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