The Coworking Evolution - Summary and Key Ideas

The book "The Coworking Evolution" explores the concept of coworking, its impacts, and its future, discussing how this new form of work is transforming traditional work environments and offering a unique business model that combines work location and community. It also delves into the history of coworking, its advantages, and its potential for innovation and economic contribution.

The target audience for the book "The Coworking Evolution" appears to be individuals and businesses interested in the concept of coworking, including start-ups, entrepreneurs, and established companies looking to understand the benefits and implications of this new work model.

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The Coworking Evolution

Key ideas


Coworking and professional sports share similarities in teamwork, adaptability, and wellness, predicting a future work environment of short-term projects, fluid teams, and a focus on individual skills and well-being.


Coworking is a flexible, innovative work arrangement that fosters collaboration and networking, providing a bridge between work and home.

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The coworking industry has evolved from casual shared spaces to professional environments, offering additional services and fostering community, thereby shaping the future of workplaces.

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Coworking spaces have emerged as a significant force in the real estate sector, catering to the needs of startups and freelancers, and are expected to grow as office space scarcity increases.

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The future of work is being shaped by megatrends like digitalization and globalization, with coworking spaces emerging as inclusive, flexible environments that foster health, wellbeing, creativity, and innovation.

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The evolving work culture prioritizes work-life balance, leading to changes in workplace design and policies, but the challenge remains in aligning work demands with personal fulfillment.

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Innovative work models, such as shorter workdays or remote work, can enhance work-life balance and job satisfaction without compromising business needs, but require careful implementation and may not suit all industries.

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Workplace nutrition and exercise initiatives are crucial for employee health, performance, and retention, thereby contributing to a company's profitability.

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Coworking has evolved beyond shared office spaces to include concepts like coliving and coworkation, blending work and life in innovative ways.

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Coworking spaces are shaping the future of work through flexibility, innovation, specialization, digital collaboration, and expanded services.

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Coworking spaces foster innovation and entrepreneurship, providing flexible leasing options, testing grounds for products, and networking opportunities for startups, established firms, and rural communities.

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Summary & Review

"The Coworking Evolution" by Robert Bukvic explores the concept, impact, and future of coworking. The book delves into the history of coworking, its economic significance, and its role as a comprehensive solution for the modern workforce. It discusses the evolution of coworking spaces into significant players in the real estate market and their role in addressing office space shortages. The book also explores the future of coworking, including its potential developments and the concept of coliving. The author emphasizes the importance of community and teamwork in coworking spaces. The book concludes with the assertion that coworking spaces are pioneers in shaping the future of work and will continue to drive innovation.

Robert Bukvic

Robert Bukvic is a serial entrepreneur from Berlin and the founder of the Rent24 Coworking spaces.

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