Storyworthy - Summary and Key Ideas

"Storyworthy" is a guidebook by Matthew Dicks that provides practical advice and techniques on how to craft and tell engaging, impactful stories from one's own life experiences.

The target group for the book "Storyworthy" is anyone interested in improving their storytelling skills, from beginners to seasoned speakers and writers.

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Key ideas


The art of storytelling lies in highlighting transformative moments, building suspense, and creating a satisfying arc that resonates with the audience.

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The challenge with big stories is that the extraordinary events they depict are unique and hard for people to relate to.

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Mastering storytelling involves revealing deep personal truths, focusing on a single message, and connecting to universal human experiences, thus aiding in self-discovery and finding life's meaning.

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Mastering storytelling involves strategic emotion management, audience engagement, careful language choice, and ending with emotional impact, all aimed at immersing audiences and creating deep connections.

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Summary & Review

"Storyworthy" by Matthew Dicks and Dan Kennedy is a comprehensive guide to storytelling that provides readers with the tools and techniques to craft compelling narratives. The book emphasizes the importance of personal stories and how they can be used to connect with others, build relationships, and create a sense of identity. It offers practical advice on how to find, shape, and deliver stories, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to improve their storytelling skills.

Matthew Dicks, Dan Kennedy

Matthew Dicks is an American author, educator, and storyteller, known for his engaging storytelling style and teaching skills. Dan Kennedy is an American author, humorist, and host of The Moth storytelling podcast, recognized for his wit and insightful commentary.

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