Casting Your Cares Upon the Lord - Summary and Key Ideas

"Casting Your Cares Upon the Lord" is a religious book by Kenneth E. Hagin that guides readers on how to trust in God and release their worries and anxieties to Him, based on teachings from the Bible. It emphasizes the importance of faith, prayer, and the power of God's Word in overcoming life's difficulties and challenges.

The target group of the book are individuals who are seeking spiritual guidance on how to handle worries, anxieties, and concerns by entrusting them to God, as per Christian teachings.

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Casting Your Cares Upon the Lord

Key ideas


Scriptural teachings advocate surrendering worries to God, fostering trust and peace, as He is aware of our needs and provides for us.


Embracing Christianity and entrusting worries to God transformed a worry-prone teenager into a carefree individual, despite persistent health issues.

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Kenneth Hagin's successful ministry underscores the power of faith and surrendering worries to God, embodying a carefree life amidst adversity.

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Surrendering anxieties to God through prayer enhances its effectiveness and resolves burdens.

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Surrendering worries to a higher power through prayer and embracing divine teachings can transform our reactions to life's challenges, fostering resilience and joy.

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Summary & Review

"Casting Your Cares Upon the Lord" by Kenneth E. Hagin is a spiritual guide that encourages readers to surrender their worries, anxieties, and concerns to God. The book emphasizes the importance of faith, prayer, and the power of God's Word in overcoming life's challenges. Hagin shares personal experiences and biblical teachings to illustrate how casting one's cares upon God can lead to a peaceful, worry-free life.

Kenneth E Hagin

Kenneth E. Hagin was an influential American preacher known for his teachings on faith, healing, and prosperity. He was the founder of the Rhema Bible Training College, a key institution in the Charismatic Movement.


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