Will Power and Self Discipline - Summary and Key Ideas

This book provides practical methods and exercises to develop will power and self-discipline. They are taught in a way that they can be performed by everyone, everywhere and at any time. The exercises are aimed at overcoming inner resistance to bring about personal transformation.

The book is targeted at individuals who seek personal development and want to improve their self-discipline and will power. It is suitable for anyone who wishes to possess life skills for managing habits, behaviors and actions. This book is perfect for those who intend to achieve any form of success in life or wish to embark on a self-improvement program.

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Will Power and Self Discipline

Key ideas


Will power is the inner force driving determined action, overcoming resistance, and enabling success.


Self-discipline is rejecting instant gratification for long-term success through sustained effort and perseverance.

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Developing willpower and self-discipline enhances focus, overcomes negativity, and fosters success.

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Decisive actions and persistence foster self-discipline and inner strength.

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Cultivating patience, perseverance, and conscious choice fosters inner strength and self-discipline.

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Positive affirmations and visualization enhance willpower and self-discipline.

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Boredom dissipates when we cultivate intense focus and mindful presence.

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Strong willpower aids focus, mitigates boredom, and defends individual judgment.

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Strong desire and motivation are essential for successful self-improvement.

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Willpower and self-discipline, like muscles, grow stronger with consistent exercise and patience.

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Overcoming resistance via small exercises cultivates willpower and self-mastery.

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Detachment enhances willpower, enabling change and promoting inner peace.

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Summary & Review

Final Summary: Remez Sasson's book "Will Power and Self Discipline" is a comprehensive guide to harnessing inner strength. The book underscores the importance of will power and self-discipline, stating that these two attributes are critical for success in all aspects of life. The author offers a systematic approach to develop and strengthen these powers. Central to his methodology is the idea of embracing discomfort and intentionally triggering circumstances that require the manifestation of these abilities.

Remez Sasson

Remez Sasson has been studying and practicing for many years self-improvement techniques, positive thinking, concentration, meditation, will power, self-discipline, creative visualization, and spiritual development. He has over thirty years of intensive study and has started to lecture and teach about these subjects.

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