The Resilient Investor - Summary and Key Ideas

"The Resilient Investor" presents a comprehensive approach to investing that goes beyond financial assets to include personal and tangible assets. It emphasizes the importance of resilience in navigating an uncertain future, offering strategies to adapt and thrive in various future scenarios.

The target group of "The Resilient Investor" are individuals who are interested in redefining and broadening their investment strategies to include personal, tangible, and financial assets, and who want to cultivate resilience in the face of an uncertain future.

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The Resilient Investor

Key ideas


The Resilient Investing Map (RIM) redefines investing as a holistic approach that includes personal, tangible, and financial assets, fostering resilience and alignment with personal values.


The 3x5 card method revolutionizes investment brainstorming by promoting thoughtful prioritization and comparison of ideas.

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Resilient investing requires considering various future scenarios, from breakdowns and muddling through to breakthroughs, to prepare for potential outcomes and make adaptable decisions.

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Choreographing investments over time, akin to a dance performance, ensures a balanced, sustainable strategy that adapts to market rhythms and changing circumstances.

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Continuous evaluation and adaptation of investment plans is crucial for financial resilience and achieving financial goals.

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Summary & Review

"The Resilient Investor" by Hal Brill, Michael Kramer, and Christopher Peck offers a comprehensive guide to investing in a rapidly changing world. The authors propose a new framework for investing, which they call "resilient investing." This approach encourages investors to broaden their view of what it means to invest, considering not just financial assets, but also personal and tangible assets. The book emphasizes the importance of flexibility and adaptability in investment strategies, and encourages investors to regularly revisit and revise their plans. The authors also provide practical advice on how to prepare for a range of future scenarios, and how to make investment decisions that align with personal values and long-term goals.

Hal Brill

Hal Brill is a recognized expert in the field of sustainable and responsible investing. He is the co-founder of Natural Investments LLC, a firm dedicated to socially responsible investing, and is known for his work in promoting sustainable business practices.

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