The Biz - Summary and Key Ideas

"The Biz" is a novel that provides a satirical look at the music industry, highlighting its eccentricities, excesses, and exploitations.

The target group for the book "The Biz" is likely individuals interested in the film industry, particularly those seeking insights into its inner workings and challenges.

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The Biz

Key ideas


The Basics: Navigating the risky film industry requires diversified investments, vigilance against fraud, and clear, concise contracts.

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Film financing is a complex, high-risk endeavor involving diverse methods such as pre-sales, gap and bridge loans.

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Business structures vary in liability protection, taxation, and flexibility, with LLCs emerging as a preferred choice.

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Film budgets, beyond covering production costs, significantly influence the economics of filmmaking.

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Guilds shape the film industry's economics and power dynamics by increasing production costs and ensuring member benefits.

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Film distribution agreements are complex contracts balancing economics, rights, and protections.

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The rise of Video on Demand services has disrupted traditional film financing and distribution models.

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The rise of virtual reality is not only disrupting traditional industries but also creating new legal challenges at the intersection of technology and reality.

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"Net profits" is a flexible term, manipulated according to context to serve varying financial interests.

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Ideas, contrary to popular belief, are not "free as air" but are often protected by state laws and implied contracts.

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The right of publicity offers control over personal identity usage, but its application is unpredictable due to varying defenses.

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Trademark law, originally designed to prevent consumer confusion, has evolved to impact movie production.

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Summary & Review

"The Biz" by Schuyler M. Moore is a comprehensive guide to the business side of the entertainment industry. It provides an in-depth look at the legal and financial aspects of film, television, and music production. The book is filled with practical advice, real-world examples, and insider tips on how to navigate the complex world of entertainment business.

Schuyler M. Moore

Schuyler M. Moore is a prominent entertainment attorney and partner at Greenberg Glusker in Los Angeles. He is also a professor at the UCLA School of Law and the UCLA Anderson School of Management, teaching courses on tax and entertainment law.

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