Preaching - Summary and Key Ideas

The book "Preaching" is generally about the art and practice of delivering sermons, focusing on the techniques, principles, and theology behind effective preaching.

The target group for the book "Preaching" is likely individuals involved in religious leadership, such as pastors, ministers, and theology students.

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Key ideas


Mastering preaching is a blend of character, engagement, interpretation, faith, and practice, transforming human words into God's Word.


The impact of a sermon is shaped by a complex interplay of historical, pastoral, liturgical, and theological contexts.

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Preaching is the art of interpreting God's whispered revelations in silence and amplifying them into a public truth, respecting divine subtlety while fulfilling the mission to broadcast the message.

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Ministers' disciplined study not only enhances their preaching, but also fosters personal growth and benefits their congregation, making it a crucial part of effective ministry.

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Effective preaching requires understanding your audience, nurturing empathy, and bridging the gap between biblical contexts and present realities.

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Interpreting biblical texts for sermons involves immersing oneself in the text, understanding its context, personalizing the message, and connecting with modern relevance.

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An impactful sermon is a unified, memorable, relatable, anticipatory, intimate narrative that allows listeners to identify with the human experiences depicted.

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Crafting an effective sermon requires creativity, imaginative language and understanding of the audience, not just adherence to a specific form.

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Effective sermon delivery requires clear speech, flexible use of written aids, confidence, re-experiencing the message, and sincere passion.

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Summary & Review

"Preaching" by Fred B. Craddock is a comprehensive guide to the art of preaching, emphasizing the importance of narrative and personal experience in delivering effective sermons. Craddock argues that preaching is not just about conveying information, but about creating a transformative experience for the listener. He provides practical advice on sermon preparation, delivery, and evaluation, and encourages preachers to continually refine their skills and deepen their understanding of their audience.

Fred B. Craddock

Fred B. Craddock was a renowned American preacher and professor of homiletics, the art of preaching. He served as the Bandy Distinguished Professor of Preaching and New Testament Emeritus in Candler School of Theology at Emory University.

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