You Goddess! - Summary and Key Ideas

"You Goddess! Life Lessons from Awesome Immortals" is a book that explores the stories of various goddesses from different cultures and mythologies, using their tales to draw out life lessons and insights for modern women. The authors reinterpret these ancient myths from a modern perspective, aiming to empower women by challenging enduring stereotypes and celebrating female power in all its forms.

The target audience for the book "You Goddess!" appears to be women, particularly those interested in mythology, feminism, and personal growth. The book aims to inspire and empower its readers by exploring the stories of goddesses from various cultures and drawing lessons from them that can be applied to modern life.

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You Goddess!

Key ideas


Goddesses in various cultures symbolize divine feminine energy and their narratives provide timeless wisdom and insights into women's roles, abilities, and the beauty of female strength.


Athena, the ancient Greek goddess, symbolized female empowerment through her intellect, strategic warfare, mastery of crafts, and wisdom, rather than physical strength or traditional feminine roles.

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Freyja, a Norse goddess, was celebrated for her independence, magical abilities, and sexual freedom, inspiring individuals to challenge norms and create their own path.

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Uzume, the goddess in Japanese Shinto mythology, exemplifies the transformative power of humor and laughter in overcoming adversity.

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Oshun is a revered Yoruba goddess embodying wealth, pleasure, fertility, and beauty, known for her role in humanity's creation, her protection of marginalized groups, and her teachings emphasizing respect, care for others, and the pursuit of pleasure and prosperity.

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Inanna, an ancient Mesopotamian goddess, symbolizes the power of female ambition and determination, embodying both light and darkness in her quest for dominion.

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Bastet, an ancient Egyptian deity symbolized by cats, represented the power of feminine solidarity, protection, and joy, reflecting the societal gender balance of the time.

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The ancient goddesses Fortuna and Tyche symbolize the unpredictable nature of luck and fortune, reminding us that while we can influence our destiny through courage and adaptability, ultimate control remains elusive.

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Baba Yaga, a character from Russian folklore, embodies the importance of embracing individual power, authenticity, and unapologetic femininity, inspiring personal growth and self-discovery.

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Aphrodite's story illustrates that love, in all its forms and complexities, is a fundamental and transformative aspect of human existence.

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Kali, the Hindu goddess, represents both destructive and nurturing forces, symbolizing the duality of life and death, and the transformative power of righteous feminine anger.

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Sedna's tale emphasizes the importance of self-care, community, and the balance between personal desires and societal obligations, suggesting that scrutiny of detrimental rules and acceptance of help can lead to recovery and tranquility after trauma.

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Summary & Review

"You Goddess!" by Elizabeth Foley and Beth Coates is an enlightening exploration of various goddesses from different cultures and their relevance to modern women. The book aims to empower women by drawing lessons from these divine figures, emphasizing the power of transformation and the ability to effect change. The authors reinterpret the stories of these goddesses, challenging enduring female stereotypes and offering fresh perspectives on femininity and womanhood. The book encourages women to channel the strength and wisdom of these goddesses to navigate the challenges of the 21st century.

Elizabeth Foley, Beth Coates

Elizabeth Foley and Beth Coates are British authors and educators. They have a shared passion for making complex subjects accessible and engaging, and they have used this passion to create a variety of educational materials.

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