How to Start a Cult - Summary and Key Ideas

How to Start a Cult is a guidebook for businesses and brands aspiring to create a captivating and committed following. The book presents the Cult Commandments, a bulletproof method leveraged by the author, Jody Raynsford, in building cults for various businesses. It encourages readers to create a polarizing message, celebrate difference, and persistently communicate their mission amidst other ground-breaking tactics.

The book is designed for brands, businesses, and marketers who want to go beyond traditional branding and create a magnetic, dedicated following. It's also intended for adventurous readers, leaders, and entrepreneurs who seek innovative strategies in marketing and fostering business growth.

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How to Start a Cult

Key ideas


Building brand loyalty today demands fostering a sense of belonging, mirroring cults.


An authentic personality and engaging content can foster a fiercely loyal cult following.

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Successful growth and evolution require bold action despite fear and comfort zone boundaries.

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Achieving cult-like brand devotion needs boldness, commitment, and deep consumer connections.

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Building a cult following requires a bold vision, distinct message, and fostering a deep sense of belonging.

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Effective cult branding requires a polarizing, compelling message that challenges industry norms.

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Identifying common enemies can deepen engagement and rally followers around a leader.

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Celebrate uniqueness and confidently differentiate from competitors to truly stand out.

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Constant, consistent broadcasting of your message fosters a devoted following.

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Successful cult building focuses on recruiting loyal outliers and managing expectations.

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Cult growth thrives on fostering belonging, rewarding participation, and narrative crafting.

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Building a successful cult involves fostering belonging, devotion, and definitive cultural markers.

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Summary & Review

Jody Raynsford's "How to Start a Cult" is a comprehensive guide to creating and maintaining a devoted following, be it a business or personal brand. This book is not about religious or harmful cults but rather, it leverages the concept of cults to provide a blueprint for building a fervent community around a brand. It equips readers with the understanding of the principles of building a cult-like following, based on the author’s personal experience and client work.

Jody Raynsford

Jody Raynsford is a dedicated cult building expert. Using his refined CultBrand methodology, he helps brands attract and cultivate a devoted following. Through engaging speaking events, he introduces the Cult Commandments in a new and refreshing way. His expertise spans many industries, from technology to legal services, and he is known for his ability to help brands resonate with their audience on a deep, impactful level.

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