Obsessed - Summary and Key Ideas

Obsessed explores the process of building a brand that people love from day one, focusing on creating an emotional connection with customers and understanding their needs to drive lasting obsession.

The target group of "Obsessed" includes entrepreneurs, founders, and marketers who want to build successful and customer-focused brands.

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Key ideas


Ground your brand in solving deep emotional needs to create meaningful connections with customers.


Elevating a brand to the emotional level fosters customer connection and long-term success by resonating with their desires and values.

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Aligning a brand with customers' sense of self fosters loyalty and strong relationships through shared values and emotional connections.

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Fostering a sense of connection and community through shared values, experiences, and language drives customer engagement and loyalty for long-term brand success.

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Focusing on core strengths and values enables brands to create a compelling narrative, differentiate themselves, and resonate with their target audience.

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Breaking conventions and redefining expectations drive innovation and market disruption, but maintaining a rebellious nature requires a balance between provocation and familiarity.

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Embrace tension and surprise in brand strategy to create memorable experiences and foster customer engagement in a competitive market.

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Revealing the human side of a brand fosters authenticity, relatability, and customer loyalty in the digital age.

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Summary & Review

Obsessed by Emily Heyward explores the importance of building a strong brand that resonates with consumers and fosters a deep emotional connection. Heyward, the co-founder and chief brand officer at Red Antler, shares insights and strategies for creating a brand that people love from day one. The book highlights the power of branding in today's competitive market and provides practical advice for entrepreneurs and marketers.

Emily Heyward

Emily Heyward is a branding expert and co-founder of Red Antler, a leading brand company that specializes in startups and new ventures. She is recognized for her innovative approach to branding, helping numerous businesses achieve success through effective brand strategies and design.

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Obsessed explores the process of building a brand that people love from day one, focusing on creating an emotional connection with customers and understanding their needs to drive lasting obsession.