From Here on Different - Summary and Key Ideas

The book "From Here on Different" by Robert Habeck is a political sketch that explores the reasons for the loss of self-evident truths in society and proposes a new kind of politics that aims to prevent the problems and losses of progress from arising in the first place. It is a reflection on the challenges of liberal democracy, the erosion of trust in politics, the fragmentation of Europe, and the climate crisis.

The target audience for the book "From Here on Different" is likely individuals interested in political and societal issues, particularly those pertaining to changes and transformations in society and economy.

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From Here on Different

Key ideas


Robert Habeck's Reflections on the Division in Society, the Need for Proactive Politics and the Conflict between Liberal and Authoritarian Ideologies amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic


The Increasing Social Fragmentation and Homogeneity in Political Representation Threatens Democracy and Shared Cultural Experiences.

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The Need for a Sustainable and Socially-Conscious Globalization: Addressing Environmental Crises, Strengthening Economic Resilience, and Encouraging Ethical Trade Practices through Collaboration and Innovation

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The Paradox of Progress: Addressing the Matthew Effect and the Need for Equitable Policies in Modern Society to Foster Social Cohesion and Sustainable Development

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Es gibt einen dringenden Bedarf an politischen Maßnahmen zur Bewältigung der raschen Transformation der Arbeit aufgrund des technologischen Fortschritts.

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The Decline of Social Trust in Democratic Institutions and the Potential of Deliberative Democracy Reforms through Citizens' Assemblies to Restore Faith and Enhance Public Participation in Policy-making

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Robert Habeck's Advocacy for Reclaiming Patriotic Symbols from Right-Wing Nationalists and Utilizing National Identity as a Tool for Promoting Human Happiness and Global Solidarity

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The Importance of Shared Power, Open Dialogue, and Mutual Respect in a Functioning Democracy for Achieving Collective Goals and Overcoming Oppositions

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The Effective Use of Power in Democratic Societies: Fostering Cooperation, Driving Progress, and Building Community through Shared Decision-Making and Accountability

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The Complex Dynamics of Globalization: Balancing Economic Integration, Social Safety, and Environmental Sustainability for Equitable Prosperity

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Summary & Review

Robert Habeck's book "From now on different" delves into the complexities of modern society, highlighting the divisions and challenges we face in the era of globalization, technological advancement, and political change. During the coronavirus pandemic, he reflects on the escalating societal division and the animosity towards politicians. He emphasizes the need for proactive politics, advocating for policies that mold outcomes rather than just reacting to crises.

Robert Habeck

Robert Habeck is a German politician and leader of the Alliance 90/The Greens party since January 2018. Prior to his political career, he was an accomplished author and philosopher.

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