Feng Shui Modern - Summary and Key Ideas

Feng Shui Modern, by Cliff Tan and Dura Lee, explores the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, emphasizing its relevance in modern architecture and interior design. It provides practical guidelines on arranging living spaces to enhance mood, health, and overall wellbeing, balancing elements like yin and yang, and managing chi energy.

This book is ideal for individuals interested in environmental design, particularly those keen on integrating ancient Chinese Feng Shui principles into modern living spaces.

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Feng Shui Modern

Key ideas


Feng shui, an ancient Chinese practice, uses spatial arrangement to foster positive energy flow, enhancing mood, health, and wellbeing, and while it sets conditions for success, it doesn't guarantee specific outcomes.


Feng shui cultivates harmony through the strategic positioning of yin and yang, embodying the artful management of imperfect balance.

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Chinese philosophy uses the five elements of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood to symbolize the complementary energies and inherent capacity for change in all things.

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"Chi is the intuitive energy of a space, influenced by various types, that transcends physical attributes and shapes the ambiance through personal associations and experiences."

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Feng shui uses five animal symbols representing human needs to create harmony and wellbeing in a space.

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Feng shui is the art of organizing spaces to enhance security, control, and positive energy flow.

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Harmonious spaces are achieved through a balance of light, elements, and personalization, tailored to the occupant's lifestyle and personality.

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Choosing a home requires a balance of practical considerations and personal intuition, prioritizing location, structure, orientation, and budget to ensure it meets current and future needs.

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Creating an inviting and appealing home entrance involves strategic design, use of color, and placement of elements to balance energies and guide visitors into communal areas.

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The living and dining rooms are the heart of a home, designed to promote social interaction and comfort through strategic furniture placement and aesthetic elements.

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Modern kitchens, as social spaces, require thoughtful design to balance elements, maintain cleanliness, and ensure ventilation for optimal energy flow and harmony.

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Optimizing home office design to align with work needs and aspirations can foster productivity and success.

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Summary & Review

In 'Feng Shui Modern', Cliff Tan and Dura Lee combine traditional Feng Shui wisdom with contemporary living needs. The book guides readers through creating harmonious, balanced, and energy-efficient living spaces, enhancing life quality through mindful spatial arrangement and environmental interaction.

Cliff Tan, Dura Lee

Cliff Tan and Dura Lee are renowned architects known for their innovative designs and unique approach to urban planning. They are the founders of DE-URBAN DESIGN, a London-based architecture firm that focuses on creating sustainable and livable urban environments.

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