Don't Call It That - Summary and Key Ideas

'Don't Call It That' is a workbook offering a unique, hands-on approach to the naming process in branding and design. Going beyond just theoretical aspects, the book presents a series of engaging exercises that lead from one to the next, arming the reader with the tools and confidence to create memorable brand names that stick.

This book is especially aimed at entrepreneurs, startup enthusiast, marketing professionals, creatives, and anyone who's interested in the art of naming a brand, a company, or a product. With insightful advice and exercises, it guides the user through the hands-on process of creating a name that not only garners attention but also accurately represents the brand's spirit.

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Don't Call It That

Key ideas


Names are powerful narratives that shape perceptions and create experiences.


Distinctive branding, not conformity, fosters business uniqueness and memorability.

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Creative, evocative naming grabs attention, elicits reaction, and fosters genuine connection.

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Exploring varied sources and an open mind can uncover distinctive brand names.

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Choosing a company name involves strategic decision, trademark research, and gauging reactions.

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Summary & Review

"Don't Call It That" by Eli Altman takes a hands-on approach to the art of naming a brand. It underscores the critical importance of a brand name in letting people know how you view the world around you. The book emphasizes the significant influence imparted by a brand name, as it's often the first thing anyone comes in contact with. It's the first impression of a product or a service. The book offers numerous activities and exercises designed to guide readers through the process, emphasizing the need for evocative, interesting, attention-grabbing names that differentiate a brand and evoke curiosity and intrigue.

Eli Altman

Eli Altman is a seasoned designer with a unique approach towards branding and design. He's known for his hands-on and practical approach to the naming process, exceeding the bounds of standard conventions in order to create memorable and interesting brand names. Besides being a prominent figure in the design industry, he is also recognized for his collaborative spirit and knack for understanding the objective and spirit of his subjects.

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